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How To Take Care Of Military Velcro Patches?


Chenille patches are a kind of embroidery patches. The chenille patches are made up of specialized chain embroidery. The yarn fabric is used in chenille patches. This embroidery makes the design looks thicker, prominent, and extremely soft. There are thousands of designs available in chenille patches that you can buy.
If you wondering how to apply chenille patches then here we have an easier or most accurate way of how to apply chenille patches to any item, Just look at the below explanation

Step 1: Select the fabric

First, you need to decide the fabric or material on which you are going to apply your patch. Some of the fabrics that are suitable for chenille patches are cotton, Polyester, and denim.

Step-2 Prep an Iron

Iron is the most important thing to properly apply a patch. Turn on your iron to the highest level of heat, make sure that your iron is fully heated before applying the patch.

Step-3 Decide to position

Another important thing is choosing the perfect position to apply a patch. This step needs your proper attention, a small mistake can result in wasting all of your hard work. It is advised to use a measuring tape if you want to place a patch on the center of your shirt to make sure the patch is on the right spot. If you want to apply on lapels or sleeves then try to pin the patch first

Step-4 Use apparel for pressing

To save the fabric and patch from any kind of damage use a piece of cloth between iron and patch. Keep an iron downwards on the cloth for 35 to 40 seconds. Remember to be careful, do not move an iron since it may shift the spot of the patch.

Step-5 Flip and Repeat

Once your patches are applied to the fabric from one side then turn the fabric and repeat step four. Once the patch is fully attached to your fabric then let it cool down first before wearing.
We hope this article will help you to attach the patches on your favorite fabric and make them look more appealing.