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Creative Ways to Wear Iron-On Patches

Creative Ways to Wear Iron-On Patches

Throughout centuries, fashion has given the world one creative ensemble after another. From chic, festive, laid back, casual, high fashion to quirky, daring, and just plain beautiful, fashion has never disappointed.

Some of the prevailing trends in fashion were time-restricted; however, some managed to surpass time and stay legitimate throughout the decades. One such creative trend that has an entire industry dedicated to it is none other than patches.

Historically, patches have had some significant influence in terms of culture, protests, opinion, and fashion. And there was a time when these patches defined entire styles like streetwear in the 90s. Not to mention the biker clubs who have been using patches for well over half a century now. People throughout the world used the custom patches option and wore them for their preferred reasons.

Patches became extremely huge in the fashion industry. Especially after the 90s, major and prestigious brands like Gucci and Valentino incorporated these patches into their clothing.

Many brands heavily included this trend in their fall lines with jackets and coats infused with various patches. And thus, this boosted the consumption of patches to a new level.

And now, patches have seemingly come back into style along with the raging trends that used to rock both the 80s and the 90s. Even though patches never really left the scene as they had significant consumers regarding uniforms and sports, in terms of fashion, they are certainly making come back.

And we at Elegant Patches are proud to present you with an array of various types of patches with unmatched quality. As a customer-centric business that relies heavily on reputation, we have yet to disappoint when it comes to the authenticity and quality of our products. Regardless of the intricacies of the design, we have artists who are experts in the latest technology and creativity.

We do not compromise on quality and always strive for customer satisfaction. Be it a bulk order or an order for a single patch, our dedication to the craft and relentless efforts to provide the best will never cease.

Along with a variety of different types of patches, we also provide a number of different backings for your patches. Amongst all the different types of backings, perhaps the most sought after are none other than iron-on patches.

If you are unsure of how to utilize patches with iron-on backings, below is a list of various creative ways to wear iron-on patches. But before that, let us first talk about the right way to apply an iron-on patch.

How to Apply an Iron-On Patch

Many people use a couple of different techniques to apply iron-on patches. However, to ensure that the patch remains durable and stays on, you can use the following method of applying an iron-on patch:

  • Clean the surface where the patch will go and ensure it is dry.
  • Place the iron-on patch on the desired area.
  • Place a cloth, preferably cotton, over the iron-on patch.
  • Put a hot iron on top of the patch covered by the cloth.
  • Leave the iron still for about 5 to 10 seconds, and then move it in a circular motion for about five more seconds.
  • To make sure the patch is appropriately stuck, if the desired surface allows, you can always turn it inside out and apply heat from the back.

Creative Ways to Wear Iron-On Patches

Due to the diverse nature of patches, there are various ways you can incorporate iron-on patches into your wardrobe. Below is a list of some of the most creative and popular ways to wear iron-on patches in accidence with the trends nowadays:

On Denim

Be it skinny jeans, jackets, or shirts; denim is the most popular surface for iron-on patches. As per the raging fashion trends, the most popular way to wear iron-on patches on denim is by clustering together different sizes of patches in a collage. Be it on pants or jackets; this trend looks like it is going to stay for a while.

Bags and Backpacks

Not only can you style clothes with these multifunctional iron-on patches, but you can also decorate your accessories and bags with them! So, get a custom embroidered patch of your favorite band or TV show and rock your accessories with style.

Hats and Shoes

Nowadays, with the quirky taste of the Gen Z, patches are valid on whichever surface you please. The style seems to lean towards decorating shoes with different kinds and colors of patches. And with how they turn up looking, we are not complaining!

The Minimalist Trend

Sure, we have seen clusters of iron-on patches on various kinds of surfaces, including when Rihanna slayed her patch-covered Dries Van Noten biker jacket. However, minimalism never seems to go out of fashion. So, pick a favorite patch, iron it on your tee or pant and never go out of style!

Cover it Up with a Patch!

We have all done it at some point. One of the most creative ways to use an iron-on patch is to cover up a hole or a stain on your favorite jacket, tee, or pant. Just apply the patch on the defected area, and voilà, you have a brand-new piece of apparel!

The Bottom Line

Considering the rich history of patches, it is unlikely they will ever go out of fashion. And we at Elegant Patches will do our part to keep fulfilling all your patch desires and demands. A patch is only as good as the materials used in the making of it.

Therefore, to ensure our patches are durable and lasting, we customarily only employ the use of high-grade and standard materials. Doing so ensures that our patches can withstand any conditions and stay brand new.

Place your orders at our online store and take advantage of our free shipping. Be it a design from our gallery or an intricate custom piece of art, we at Elegant Patches can guarantee quality and longevity.