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How To Take Care Of Military Velcro Patches?


How To Take Care Of custom Military Velcro Patches? This is a general question that arrives in everyone`s mind who has patches. Patches will last for years if they are kept with care. There are many ways how you can take care of custom military Velcro patches

Wash your Patch.

Yes! You can wash your patch if you find the need. Make sure not to wash patches in any kind of washing machine because will be rough to them, but you can easily wash your hands and keep them for a while to get air dry.

Do not iron your patch

Do not iron your patches too often, especially if you have a Velcro patch. Velcro patch made up of wrinkle-free material, they will get stiff and clear if you try to iron them.

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Be Careful with iron

In any case, if you need to iron, they must be very careful while ironing your patch. Do not keep an iron directly on the patch and that too for long. This may sound weird, but you must know that the embroidery thread is prepared from polyester and it will get melt as you put an iron on the patch. If you still have to iron your patch, then lightly spray water on the patch; place a piece of a towel on the patch and keep an iron with low heat. Keep checking the patch while ironing that everything is perfectly fine.

Store your patch

A custom patch panel is the best way to keep your patches safe. The panel is created by using the fuzzy side of the velcro, it will properly stick with the patches and keep them safe until you use them. If you cannot have a custom patch panel then you may find the piece of fabric or fuzzy Velcro at any craft and fabric store. Once you find them, cut them into pieces and place them at the back Velcro patches to save others from running. Another simplest way to store patches is to take two patches of the same size and push Velcro together. It won’t be effective as the previous two ways but will be enough to keep them stay longer.The custom military velcro patches will remain in excellent condition for years if you take good care of them.