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Benefits of Using Custom Embroidery Patches

How to make Sublimation patches for Hats

Out of all the places patches could rock, patches for hats are probably up in the top three. There is no other place more visible and more of a perfect background than hats. Be it embroidered patches, leather patches, or sublimated patches for hats; they are sure to add to the style.

And considering the different reasons patches get utilized, having them displayed somewhere prominent and visible is probably the best option. Mainly if the reason revolves around politics, sports, and proclamation of self-opinion or self-expression.

Yes, these patches have been used abundantly for the reasons as mentioned above for decades now. Believe it or not, patches have a prolific history in sports, politics, fashion, revolution, and so much more. And with a record like that, an addition like patches can never really leave the main screen.

Sublimated Patches

Amongst the different kinds of patches in the industry, perhaps the one preferred the most by the public are sublimation patches for hats. A more recent invention in the patch family, sublimation patches have gained quite the fame amongst enthusiasts and new customers alike.

As some of the most detail-oriented patches amongst all the categories’, sublimated patches are a popular choice for various endeavors. Not only is it possible to get them in varying sizes, but the most amazing fact is that regardless of the size, the details of the patch will never get compromised.

When it comes to sublimated patches for hats, the choices regarding designs and sizes are countless. The sky is the limit, and we at Elegant Patches are always here to fulfill all your patches wishes.

If you do not have time to order a new sublimated patch for your hat or do not have access to a credible store, you can always make one yourself. In this blog, we will discuss the step-by-step procedure on how to make sublimation patches for hats.

However, before we get into that, it is crucial to understand what sublimated patches are and the essential requirements to make sublimation patches for hats at home.

What Are Sublimation Patches?

The process of sublimating patches, otherwise more accurately known as heat transfer dye sublimation, is just as the name suggests. The result of which is an image printed perfectly onto a particular fabric.

Simply put, you pick an image and select your choice of fabric. After that, all you need to do is transfer that image onto that fabric by passing it through intense levels of heat. The dye melts into the fabric. And that results in an accurate transfer of the image on the fabric.

Sublimated patches are always precise, which is why they are a major favorite. After the patch is created, you can then attach the preferred backing and use it wherever you desire.

Essentials Required to Make a Sublimated Patch

The sublimation process essentially includes an image made using sublimation dye or ink. After that, you place this image on top of the desired fabric and pass it through heat.

Suppose you are to attempt making sublimation patches for hats by yourself. In that case, you should have some much-needed items in your inventory.

Sublimation Ink

These are specific inks or dyes that are able to bond with the polyester in the fabric of shirts or hats.

Sublimation Printer

A sublimation printer is a specific type of printer that is able to print sublimation dyes on a sublimation paper instead of baking them. Since ordinary printers use heat to print, if you use sublimation dye in your home printer, it will not work. You need a sublimation printer to be able to make sublimation patches for hats.

Sublimation Paper

This is a specific kind of paper that is able to carry and then transfer the dye to the fabric. Suffice to say, the regular paper will not work in place of the sublimation paper.

Heat Press

Somewhat essential to the process, the heat press is where the design is printed upon the fabric.

The Fabric

For the sublimation to work, the fabric must either be 100% polyester or have a specific percentage of polyester in it. This is because the sublimation ink will only bond with the polyester in the fabric. If the material is, let us say, cotton, the sublimation will be haphazard or just be a giant blob of ink.

Sublimation Patches for Hats

Following are the steps to follow if you are looking to make sublimation patches for hats:

  • The size is always essential. Since caps have a smaller surface area, it is vital that you choose designs that can fit.
  • After selecting the design, hook your computer to a sublimation printer. Load the printer with sublimation dyes so you can print the image.
  • Add sublimation paper into the printer and print out your selected design.
  • After the print is ready, the. The next step comprises of using a heat press. Place the image on top of the desired spot on the fabric and use the heat press to deal the dye into the material.
  • When you have the patch with the dye sublimated image on it, you can choose preferred backing like iron-on or sew-on. Attach them to the back of your sublimated patch.
  • Voilà! The sublimation patch is ready for use. You can place it where you want on your hat and rock a trendy look. Be it opinion based or filled with humor, there is no better way than resonates with your feelings than patches.

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