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Handy Tips for DIY Embroidered Patches


Who doesn’t love to flaunt their latest clothing pieces? We all do! On the contrary, the fashion trends are always changing; sometimes, the ramps are filled with pastel hues while some ramps are loaded with vibrancy. However, DIY embroidered patches will always be on the roll for livening up the boring clothes. For this reason, we are sharing tips to make the perfect DIY embroidered patches!

Be Bold

Well, embroidered patches are for adding vibrancy to your boring clothes, right? So, why not take the test and design bold. This is because intricate and fine details will be hard to manage on the patches. With this being said, always choose the thick and big design for creating the DIY patches because they aren’t only easy to make but are alluring and legible.


We all love winters but they can be harsh, sometimes. With this being said, you can make the chenille embroidery scarf because it’s oh-so-warm and will look in fashion. This is because chenille embroidered scarves will ring your neck, keep you warm, and complement your jacket or coat. So, sew it today and make a fashion statement (yes, you can!).

Don’t Forget to Contrast

If you want your DIY embroidered patches to stand out, don’t forget to contrast the colors and do a little mix & match. Generally, people love the classic contrast of white and black and they work equally great for the patches. On the other hand, if you want more colors, neon green and pink, yellow and black, and red and green will settle perfectly. Not to forget, you can always get creative and choose your own contrast.

Border Coloring

If you are creating the DIY embroidered patches and want it to be well-defined, border coloring will be a perfect choice. That’s to say because it creates the patch frame that helps avoid loose threading. Also, while using the border coloring, always choose the color that’s used in making the central design on the patch; it will add definition and will complement the design!

Simplistic, Please

If you remember your childhood, you would remember drawing with your crayons on the dinner plate or table mats. Similarly, making the DIY embroidery patch is like embroidering on the disposable plate. With this being said, don’t forget about using a simple design. This is because embroidery patches must be simplistic and easy to make but you can always opt for woven patches if you prefer intricate detail.

Go Huge

First things first, the larger size of your patch will be easy to embroider even if there are fine or intricate details. In simpler words, the larger patch will give you more area for embroidering, so you can even go for intricately designed patches. So, follow these tips and you will be able to make perfect patches!