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Great Ways To Make Custom Challenge Coins

Great Ideas To Design Custom Made Patches

Be it saying “thank you” to a friend who was with you during hard times or just wants to support your colleague who is going through a tough time, a custom challenge coin will be a suitable choice. These coins can be customized in terms of shape, size, and plating. On the contrary, if you are unable to create the unique challenge coin, we have great ways lined out in this article!

Dates Matter

Some people are exceptionally close to specific dates, so why not print that date on the coin? This is because printing the date on top will make the challenge coin even more special. For instance, you could print the anniversary date or the first time your friend adopted their pug. If someone close to your heart passed away, you could print the date of birth and date on it.


Sure, the custom challenge coins are distributed in bulk in offices and units, but they are equally great for celebrating someone’s accomplishment. To illustrate, you can print the date when your sister got her first job or when your friend graduated from college. When it comes to accomplishments, the possibilities are endless, so they can always enjoy their achievement.

Contact Information

While creating the custom challenge coins, you can specially design them for people whom you want to remember specific contact details. For instance, you can add the police station number, roadside assistance, or suicide helpline. Adding the contact information on challenge coins help create a promising impact on people’s lives.


We all have some special words and inside jokes with friends and loved ones, right? With this being said, you can make the custom challenge coins by adding the sweet yet short quote on the coin. It is suggested to use a quote that means a lot to someone. This is because whenever they are sad and gloomy, they can turn the coin, read the quote, and feel better.


While designing the coins, people will focus on the appearance and outlook of the coin, so why not focus on the edges? Truth be told, there are various textures and hues to choose from, such as thick rope in gold or silver colors. In some cases, you can add words circling the edges of the coin.


No, coins don’t have to be round all the time! This is because you can add the uniqueness factor to the coin by changing the shape. For instance, if your friend is studying medicine, you can make the coin in a medical cross shape.