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Embroidery Patches vs. Sublimation Patches

Embroidery Patches vs. Sublimation Patches

Ever since Harvard seemingly invented the letterman jackets, patches have started to gain popularity over the centuries. Along with having a prominent presence in the academic and corporate world, patches became a significant part of the fashion world.

Regardless of when and how that happened, you can rarely pick out a fashion era that did not have patches in some capacity. Be it embroidery patches on denim or clothes with sublimated patches; they always seemed to be present during the past century.

Patches are not a singular existence. They have several sub-categories that are well-loved by all individuals. Perhaps this is why the ever-raging embroidery patches vs. sublimated patches debate never seems to stop.

There are constant online discussions and arguments talking about the various pros and cons of each side of the debate. However, there has yet to be a victor in the discussion of the sublimated patches vs. embroidery patches.

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Difference between Embroidery Patches and Sublimated Patches

Although they might both be patches, there is a world of difference between them. In regards to the creation process and the results, they couldn't be more different. This is because both of these have entirely different looks and feel.

Below is a concise explanation of why that is so:

Embroidery Patches

Generally created by machines using different colors of threads, with embroidery patches, you get a 3-D feel and look. They get made by feeding a design into a computer along with the appropriately colored threads in accordance with the design.

The machine then stitches a patch in perfect likeness to the design inserted. You can then attach the patch to the desired surface. Vastly different from clothes with sublimated patches.

Sublimated Patches

Instead of embroidered patches, made independently as an individual article, designs get printed on the fabric itself when it comes to sublimated patches. Be it a hat, a bag, or a t-shirt; the design is heat pressed onto the surface. And this is the creative process of clothes with sublimated patches.

The process involves using designs or images with special inks and several hundred degrees of heat. The picture gets placed on top of the surface and heat pressed, so the ink melts into the fabric of the surface. Thus, clothes with sublimated patches have exceptional details.

Pros and Cons of Embroidery Patches VS. Sublimated Patches

Considering the ongoing debate regarding the custom embroidery patches and sublimated patches, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with a list of pros and cons. This way, you can determine for yourself which one of the sublimated patches vs. embroidery patches suits your needs or preferences better.

Embroidery Patches

Because embroidery patches are threads stitched per a specific design, they often fail to capture the kind of details clothes with sublimated patches do. Along with having a restricted size limitation which can sometimes be a hindrance. Apart from that, there are several pros to using embroidery patches. Some of these include:

  • Durability
  • Epic diversity
  • Various backing options
  • Can last longer than clothes with sublimated patches

Sublimated Patches

Since sublimated patches are ink on fabric, they tend to fade after a little while. These patches also work well only on a certain kind of fabric. Those being the only drawbacks, clothes with sublimated patches always steal the show. Some of the various advantages of sublimated patches are:

  • No size limitation
  • Can capture the exact design regardless of the intricate details
  • Limitless designing options
  • Work on Multiple surfaces
  • Require minimal effort to create. You can make them at home with the right heat press!

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There might be a lot of differences between embroidery patches and sublimated patches, but at Elegant Patches, we provide high quality regardless of the differences. And with our cyclic discounts and sales, we ensure our customers are always happy.

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