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Using Embroidered Patches For Galentine’s Day Gifts

Using Embroidered Patches For Galentine’s Day Gifts

Where the long-standing custom of gifting flowers, chocolates, and other romantic gifts is something you may be looking forward to this V-Day, don't forget to cherish the friendships of your gal pals on Galentine’s Day!

While most commonly known due to the unwavering commitment of the bubbly Leslie Knope of the popular Parks & Recreation series for celebrating it, Galentine’s Day is in fact real—and an occasion that deserves special attention. We’ve brainstormed ideas for using custom embroidered patches for various occasions, and now it’s time to get your brain into gear and prep for Feb 13th to create some awesome gifts using embroidered patches!

How To Use Embroidered Patches For Galentine’s Day Gifts

There's a world of ideas to make this Galentine’s Day extra special. Anything that comes to your mind as a beautiful and practical gift for your gals, think this: can I use embroidered patches for Galentine’s Day gifts instead of what I originally intended to use?

The answer is likely yes. Embroidered patches are very versatile, and you can make these work on so many decorative and functional stuff. Not sure how? We’ve got some innovative yet easy ideas for you to try out!

Non-Enamel Pin Badges

An occasion such as Galentine’s Day calls for some sisterhood and women empowerment quotes and symbols. And while enamel pins are widely used for such purposes, how about something non-enamel—i.e., an embroidered patch?

You can design creative embroidered patches for jackets that can ironed on. Or you can get sew-on (backless) patches that can secure on their garments with a pin. Or get proper pin backings, apply the embroidered patch on it using glue, and you've got yourself some cute non-enamel pins as embroidered patches for Galentine’s Day gifts!

Bracelet Charms

If you want something that can be cherished every other day, something that’s easy to carry around—then bracelet charms from embroidered patches for Galentine’s Day gifts are your best bet!

Little embroidered patches work best for this gift. You can go for a symbol or a caption in a small space, something that’s unique for you and your group. Go nuts with the shades of pink when you design this patch to show what it means (or you can go for another color if you want, totally up to you).

Once you have your batch of embroidered patches, turn these into charms by using a small piece of jewelry wire slung through at one corner of the patch. Make sure you equip the patch with the wire carefully so as not to ruin the design yet at the same time ensure it is applied to the charm bracelets securely.

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Photo Frame Patches

If you want to display your Galentine’s Day-themed patch in a beautiful yet minimal way, how about securing it inside a photo frame?

This DIY project works very similar to adding dried flowers to clear photo frames. You can also have a plain colored paper background in your frame and set the patch against it before you close the frame. Whether or not you stick the patch on the background paper is up to you.

This gift idea is perfect because then you can gift your gals something they can use as décor around the house. Not only will your embroidered patches for Galentine’s Day gifts become a nice memory, but if you use an empowering quote in your patch, it also becomes a daily dose of inspiration!

Embroidered Keychains

Embroidered keychains are one the most popular custom patches, a favorite of brands who want to create corporate gifts on holidays or by sports clubs looking to create creative merch for fans. And you can go for embroidered keychains as a chic and useful gift for your girl gang.

You can either go for one-sided embroidered keychains or both sides. These keychains can be any size you like, though it's best you choose something that's convenient to carry around. One of the reasons embroidered patches stand out is because these are easy to clean (read How To Clean Your Custom Embroidered Patches). Plus, the colors look fantastic against anything the keychain hangs on, whether wardrobe door keys or car keys.

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Phone Case Décor

There are many awesome ways to style embroidered patches, and one amazing idea for using embroidered patches for Galentine’s Day gifts is patches for phone cases. Of course, for this idea to work you'll need to get pain phone cases for every kind of phone owned by a member of your girl group. If you have the time and means to execute this creative gift idea, it will be worth it.

Putting together the embroidered patch phone case is simple enough: all you need is a silicone phone case, an embroidered patch, and a strong adhesive. You can add just the patch in the middle of the phone case with the glue for a minimal look. Or you can add a few other decorations, such as a cloth background and or sequins and faux flowers to jazz up the case. The only limit is your imagination!

Greeting Card Patch

Not a fan of the cliché greeting that is on store-bought greeting cards? Plus, you don't find that much Galentine’s Day stuff when you go card shopping.

No worries; adding an embroidered patch to a custom greeting card is an easy way to make it more interesting. You can create your own card out of a card sheet, or go for a ready-made card and simply stick your patch on top (read Tips For Designing And Wearing Embroidered Patches). The best part is that you can easily cut out the patch and keep it as a special keepsake when the greeting card becomes old.

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