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Difference Between 2d and 3d Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are small metal coins. Every challenge coin is designed to represent any specific organization, event and to honor someone for his/her achievements. These coins are typically round in shape, but can also be found in other shapes. They are made up of bronze, silver, and gold. The best part is these coins can be customized as well.

There are two types of custom challenge coins available 2D and 3D. If you are planning to design a custom challenge, coin, and wonder about which you should go for. Then here are some distinctions between these two types of challenges. Let's Have a look


Image is a huge difference between 2D and 3D challenge coins. 2D custom challenge coins are ideal for flat kinds of images because they do not support recessed and raised images. Which makes them look simpler. While 3D custom challenge coins are more graphical and detailed coins. 3D coins can be created in many layers and any image can easily be sculpted onto it that makes them more defined


There are two major aspects while designing a custom challenge coins are raised and recessed areas. 2D and 3D both challenge coins have these areas, but their structure is different. 2D challenge coins support two levels of metals, a flat backing, and raised surface. 3D challenge coin supports infinite metal levels that can be1D, 2D, or 3D level, and a flat background.
The structure difference between these two challenge coins makes these images and logos more realistic.


Colors play such an important role. In the 2D challenge coin, you can add color in both levels, the topmost level, and recessed level respectively, which makes a 2D coin much colorful. While in 3D custom challenge coins, you are restricted to fill colors, due to the unavailability of an area that may contain liquid enamel. However, if you want to add colors in 3D challenge coins then you can add in other parts. However, 2D challenge coins are simpler and make a perfect and clear appearance. While 3D challenge coins are much more detailed, and granularity in 3D coins makes them vivid and better at appearance