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Custom Leather Patches for Jackets, Hats & Bags

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Leather patches are not ordinarily patches like traditional woven and embroidered patches. They are one of the best types of patches that give a luxurious look to your apparel. Leather patches are much stronger and durable as compare to other types of patches. They are also very rich in colors and texture that makes them best suitable for branding your business. Leather patches are relatively high in cost. They are perfect to be used on outerwear like jeans, jacket bags, and hats. These patches will make your garments look more luxurious and stylish.

You can also make unique designs by adding the logo, name, and any other major aspects that are important to you

Leather patches for hats

Leather patches are one of the most demanding elements that make the hats stylish and durable simultaneously. Different style of patches from beanie to trucker-style patches works well to promote your brand. You can also customize these patches however you want the only limit to design your patch is your imagination. You can apply the patch on the front or at the back of the hat.

Hats have proven to be the best way for branding a business and turning customers or employees into brand ambassadors. Leather patches will help to build customer trust as well.

Custom leather patches for Jackets

Sewing On patches on outerwear such as jackets, shirts, pants, and sweaters is not a new concept anymore, but using the high-end material like leather as a base fabric and styling it with your business logo, name or any message is something new and unique that represents the quality to your customers if you are using patches for your business.

There is so much space where you can apply customized patches like on the right or left side, at the back, on the pockets, shoulders, or anywhere you want. Custom leather patches for jackets will give a whole new look that you style with any jeans.

Leather patches for Bags and Backpacks

Backpacks and bags look luxurious with the leather patch. Apply a patch of your name, or any message embossed in a lather on your bag, and never let it go unnoticed again.

There are different types of leather patches available that will look great on bags such as state patch or flag patch. It will also represent your hometown wherever you go.

Fixing a customized leather patch to backpacks, totes and purses take the marketing to next level.