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Tips for Designing Custom Embroidered Name Patches

Looking for a great custom embroidered name patches? Honestly, who doesn’t like to have a highly aesthetic and attractive embroidered name patch? However, there are certain aspects that you need to consider when looking for custom embroidered name patches.

Here we will be briefly looking at some key tips that can help you design the most enchanting custom embroidered name patches;

1. Go Bold

When you are looking for an embroidered name patch, you need to be as bold as possible. The key here is that recreating the small and delicate text is hard with the embroidery process, and besides the small and delicate design doesn’t come out as tempting enough to attract the eyebrows of onlookers. Thereby, when you are looking for custom embroidered name patches whether for your business or as an individual, make sure to have the text big and bold to ensure that your name patch appears more readable and noticeable.

2. Contrast is key

When you are looking for some raised eye-brows with your custom embroidered name patch, the best way to achieve it is by selecting contrasting colors. For instance, black and white is the most perfectly contrasting color scheme that works brilliantly for most patches. It’s also one of the most popular color combos for getting elegant, yet stunning name patches.

However, your options aren’t limited to black and white. You can go with some bold contrasts as well, like blue & red or pink & neon green or others. The options are virtually endless and it all depends on your creativity and imagination. You can also review some contrasting color schemes to choose the best one.

3. Complimentary border color

Adding a complementary border color to the name patch will only add to the elegance and appeal of the design. Using some smart color combination for border color will greatly complement the entire patch design enhancing its visual appeal for onlookers.

4. Keep it simple

When we are talking about name patches, these are significantly smaller in the area as compared to some of the other embroidery patches. Now, with this limited area, the intricate and complex design would only fade the appeal and exquisiteness of the design. In any case, the focus for an embroidered name patch needs to be the text and not the design. Thereby, if you are looking for an enchanting name patch keep the design simple and clean.

5. The bigger the better

In case you are looking for an intricate design for the name patch, it’s better to increase the size of the patch. To put it simply, the bigger the patch, the larger the area you have to play around with the design, while not compromising on the integrity and appearance of the text.

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