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10 Cool Chenille Patches Ideas for Gamers

10 Cool Chenille Patches Ideas for Gamers

From Mainstream to Custom Chenille Patches Ideas for Gamers, your devotion to one of the world’s biggest virtual conscious platforms could be tastefully displayed. Learn how.

Patches originated with the establishment of Motorcycle Clubs and their agendas. In the mid-century, after the American Motorcycle Association declared a single percent of their registered clubs to be outlaws. Patches came into a boom.

The outlaw club members declared their persona and affiliations publicly by wearing daring and edgy patches on their vests and jackets. Soon after, lone bikers not belonging to any club followed suit. They started popularizing patches of their own design.

Eventually, over the decades, this brought about the idea for non-motorcycle club members or bikers to have patches as a form of apparel adornment too.

Custom Patches Industry for Gamers

Today in the 21st century, wearing patches on apparel, especially jackets and vests, is iconic to the biker aesthetic but not restricted to it. With the rise of other edgy aesthetics, such as Goth and Emo, along with practical and more widespread ones, such as gamers and cosplayers, patches diversified.

The time period in which the spread and appreciation, along with the diversification of patches, occurred mainly was the nineties and early 2000s. However, many younger Gen Z people can be seen rocking off-the-rack or custom patches these days.

They hopped onto the patch trend quite quickly among many aesthetic ideas. The largest group in Gen Z to have embraced and incorporated patches into their fashion are the gamers.

The returning boom of custom patches online and custom chenille patches, in general, is primarily thanks to the gaming community.

Ever since this nostalgic yet delicate and tastefully expressive form of a fashion statement. That also states a gamer’s devotion made a comeback. Thus, many have been looking for newer chenille patches ideas for gamers in 2022. Elegant Patches ranks as one of the best collecting Patch Stores to provide for every patch idea gamers could want.

Top 10 Chenille Patches Ideas for Gamers

Here are the top Chenille Patches Ideas for gamers in 2022 that are predicted to be consistent for at least a decade into the future.

1) Square and Rectangular Chenille Patches

These patches are sometimes referred to as “number plate” patches. Often more times than not, the quadrilateral patches engage numerical, visual, and lettered symbols that all contain a hidden meaning. Often indirect references to aspects of popular games.

Specific Acronyms synonymous with famous games are usually associated with devoted millennial gamers or, as they like to call themselves, OG gamers. This is one of the most widely accepted chenille patch ideas for gamers, primarily because of its versatility.

Whether you are keeping one statement patch on your vest or jacket or clustering several, this is a good idea. The shape of these patches allows for an Iconic singular statement patch. It also efficiently allows for neat and organized networking of chenille patches on most apparel.

2) Outlined Chenille Patches

These patches are outlined according to the emblem of a game or a character within the game. Some very obvious and popular examples might be patches picturing Pokémon.
These patches were quite popular throughout the nineties. Quite similar to Pokémon Cards, Pokémon patches were often treated as currency in the gamer community.

Such patches are rapidly making their comeback. They have proven to be one of the oldest aesthetically pleasing patches that hold their original nostalgic feel.

3) 2D Chenille Patches

Within regularly shaped and outlined patches, this is perhaps the simplest and cleanest type within the list of chenille patch ideas for gamers. In short, there are lesser colors being used and a simpler outline to “draw” the emblem. The lesser color count makes it visually complementing to have on several patches at the same time.

It serves to maintain a minimalistic look while branding several games at the same time or several iconic pieces from the same game.

4) 3D Chenille Patches

This type of patch is where one can clearly see the benefits of using custom embroidery patches. The engaging and exotic play on contradicting yet complimenting colors is what sets the vibe for these patches. These chenille patches often display more detailed symbols and characters. The result could end up looking extremely high-end and expensive.

5) Iron-on Chenille Patches

Most patches, especially ones like the 3D patches, are available in the sewing option. However, Iron-on options for almost all chenille patch ideas for gamers are also available. Although it is to be noted that Iron-on Patches for chenille patches are usually made on custom orders. This allows gamers to not only customize their representative symbols but also their ease of incorporation.

Iron-on patches are very easy to attach. The adhesive material at the back is heat activated. Once the patch is ironed over on the clothing position of choice, the glue melts and sticks to the cloth. The adhesives used in such patches are often durable and industrial grade, so you need not worry about them wearing off.

6) Non-self Adhesive Patches

These patches are the sew-to-garment type. They often come with an additional border around the design and make of the patch itself to assist seamless and neat sewing.

These patches also come with a set of instructions for amateur sewers and are also easy to incorporate. The advantage is added durability and permanence that is hard to top, even in hectic areas like gaming conventions.

7) Lettering Chenille Patches

These patches are often incorporated into letterman jackets and vests and are made for quotes and sayings that are popular within games. Or the game names themselves. This displays elegance and sophistication.

8) Jigsaw Chenille Patches

These patches are a recent trend where several patches are made to fit into one another to form a bigger combined visual instead of one big chunky patch. The puzzling effect adds to the visual character that the patches display together.

9) A cluster of Chenille Patches

These are sets of patches for the same game or continuing the same colors and aesthetic. They are bundle packs that can be worn together or separately.

10) Enamel-like Chenille Patches

These chenille patches are made to imitate the look of enamel pins. They are often smaller and add a small touch of exquisite detail to clothing.

The Bottom Line

Inspired enough from the diversification and versatility of chenille patches ideas for gamers; thus want to order some. We have got you covered. Place your order at Elegant Patches and wait it to get it delivered to your doorstep.