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Bespoke Custom Vector Conversion Services by Elegant Patches

Bespoke Custom Vector Conversion Services by Elegant Patches

How we have maintained a track record of numerous satisfied customers for providing latest and high-quality custom vector conversion services? Learn how and why we stand out!

Let’s get started; firstly, with knowing some basics and reasons about what make custom vector conversion services from a professional company must.

What Are Vector Graphics?

Vector graphics are a category of digital images. These images are made from a number of geometrically characterized points through which the lines and shapes are created. This overall structure, known as vector graphics, is based on its storage of mathematical progressions. This mathematically defined nature is what prevents it from pixelating.

That means the image will not distort into colorized pixels when zoomed into. And this is primarily what sets it apart from Raster images. Vector images play a crucial part within the patch industry since it is the foundation of design for it.

Raster vs. Vector Images

On the other hand to a vector dominating side, digital artists prefer to produce raster images. If so, one question is bound to pop in your mind; raster vs.vector images: what’s the difference?

This type is created using a framework of colorized pixels, unlike Vector images. When zooming into a raster image, you will see that the individual pixels that made up the image become prominent and clearly visible.

Raster images serve a considerable portion of the graphic design industry and have many underlying advantages to their usage. However, this dispersion into pixels would not happen with vector images. That is because they store as a series of mathematical equations. These equations render the image regardless of wherever the viewer decides to open the image file.

This is one of the reasons why Vector Images are great for digital marketing and e-commerce websites. The image quality does not degrade across the different interfaces that the user uses.

Thus, keeping up with sharp and defined image quality across different platforms and enlarged sizes is the biggest advantage vector graphics have raster images. However, it doesn’t mean the quality reduced to minimized image copies and applications. Instead, it remains the same.

How do Vector Graphics Work?

As discussed previously, vector graphics are basically computer-generated images that are created using geometric shapes set inside a Cartesian plane. The concept may seem a little complex. However it is not your headache. As a client you simply need vector conversion services for your custom patch designs.

Ironically, Vector artists themselves do not require in depth knowledge of mathematical formulae to make this advanced art to convert to vector file. All the simulative math functions take place in the background of the designing process.

Due to modern technology and advanced vector design software or programs like Corel DRAW and Illustrator designing and altering vector art is quick and effective.

With vector graphics technology, designers enjoy a freedom to explore and create with the help of a series of mathematically equated points and lines.

The Concept of Vector Conversion in Patches Design

Clients usually come to us for getting custom patches with their sample image files. These images have either had designed by graphic designers, or by inspiration online. They then discuss a few tweaks with those pictures.

This is why we have an expert team of Vector Artists who are top competitors in the field of Vector Designing. They not only come up with a design that the client wants, but also catering to Vector Conversion. Thereby, our team convert to vector file whatever your given image file may be.

Furthermore, sometimes our clients come with a design in mind or a sample of their competitor. In this case, we have also got you covered. Our Graphic designers convert your inspiration to a handy design. Thereby, not only we offer vector conversion services but also help you get a vector design from scratch.

How We Use Vector Graphics for Your Custom Patch Designs?

Once the vector conversion services are completed, your design exists with us in vector format. It will then be produced on your patches. The number of patches that you order from us and even varying patch sizes will not be limiting factor. That is all thanks to Vector Graphics technology.

Using Raster Images to produce your custom patch designs, the production of patches would have been low-quality and inconsistent. Whereas with Vector Graphics consistency and quality is promised. Even increasing the batch size two or three fold would not result in any variation or degradation of the product design and quality whatsoever.

The printed/ embroidered/ woven patch designs produced from vector images will be consistent; thanks to the vector based information. This makes it possible for us to render the image in its best possible output resolution regardless of size and number factors.

Consequently, making are clients in awe of our bespoke custom vector conversion services coupled with custom patches.

Get Professional Custom Vectorization Services from Elegant Patches

Whether your desired patches need custom embroidery, woven designs or printed art, it will all be consistent and scaled to perfection.

The accuracy, quality control and indifference between your custom patches, despite being custom and not mass-produced, will be the perfect accessory to your apparel and other items.

We promise you top-quality patches, be it for a work dress code staple or an attachment to a uniform. Also, for personal expression such as on clothes, outerwear, fabric slides, hats, tote bags etc.

Why Order from Elegant Patches?

We, at Elegant Patches prioritize your satisfaction and comfort before all else. Our expert teams and their skills make it possible for us to meet your expectations above and beyond.

The precision, and reliability that comes with our expert conversion services makes our custom patch designs stand out. Contact us today regarding your order!