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Benefits of Using Sublimation Patches

Benefits of Using Sublimation Patches

Color patches are a creative and innovative way to promote your brand's logo or your personal artwork. Sublimation patches are one of the popular choices for brands ordering custom patches online, as these have an exceptional appearance. While you can get different colored designs printed on a range of patches—however, how well the details show up depends on the kind of patch you opt for.

Common Yarn Patch Types

First, let’s take a look at the most popular kind of colored patches--specifically the type created with yarn--you can choose for your artwork:

Embroidered Patches:

The thread in these patches is stitched, according to the design image, onto different patch backings. The exterior is finished with interlaced threads for a smooth surface. Check out the benefits of using custom embroidery patches for more details about this type of patch.

Chenille Patches:

Much like embroidered patches, chenille patches also use yarn. However, the threads are stitched for a towel/rug-like texture, and the patch has a vibrant finish.

Woven Patches:

Woven patches are similar to embroidered patches, only with a much thinner, 2D-like finish. The threads used are very fine, perfect for capturing small details.

Sublimated Patches:

Sublimated patches are manufactured using the dye sublimation process; i.e., the colors are infused onto a prepared backing. We'll look further into the benefits of using sublimation patches compared to other types of patches.

Dye Sublimation – What Makes It Stand Out?

Dye sublimation is the process of transferring colors onto a material. Unlike embroidery, chenille, or woven patches, where the threads are stitched onto the patch, the yarn on a sublimation patch is already present prior to the design. The final product is a patch with photo-realistic imagery.

In other words, you’ve got a blank thread canvas, and the patch artwork is infused with fibers using printing technology. Dye sublimation involves the use of a sublimation printer that uses special liquid ink to create art onto the patch backing—much like printing with a color inkjet printer on a piece of paper.

What makes this technique special, more so than any other patch-making technique?

Advantages Of Custom Sublimated Patches

You can choose to get your patches created via the sublimation technique for:

1. Better detailing in the design

Embroidered patches and other yarn-made patches involve stitching. And while a piece of high-quality equipment can achieve a spectacular outlook for any of these, none can rival the result of dye sublimation.

Sublimated patches capture each and every color and the tiniest details. The most delicate threads, such as those used in woven patches, cannot correctly cover little details as dyeing the backing does. In short, one of the great benefits of using sublimation patches is that it is instrumental if you want artsy patches with lots of patterns and delicate lettering.

2. Variety of options for shapes

Traditional patches are rectangular or circular--basically any primary shape. You may not be able to get patches crafted on other than simple-shaped backing with ordinary thread patches—but sublimation patches allow diversity in the artwork. Embroidery machines may not be able to accommodate specific patch shapes, whereas the sublimation printer for dye sublimation patches is not limited to squares and rounds.

3. Lasting colors and material

Sublimation patches are made by infusing ink onto the patch; the ink is transferred on the thread using a special technique. This results in stronger color bonding. You can apply the patch to various types of everyday wear clothing without worrying about the colors of the patch fading away, even after multiple laundry cycles.

Another one of the benefits of using sublimation patches is that the backing is more durable. The threads are not stitched or weaved separately onto the patch backing and therefore do not fray easily.

4. Attractive-looking merchandise

What do you look for in promotional branding material? Something that stands out most likely to be appreciated by audiences and attracts potential customers? A sublimated patch can be the perfect solution for your brand's marketing needs without a considerable dent in your budget.

Well-designed patches are an excellent means to show off your logo or brand-related artwork on clothing and accessories. Sublimated patches are a superior upgrade to ordinary patches, as these are more detailed and vibrant—therefore, more eye-catching.

5. Reasonable pricing for bulk orders

Dye sublimation equipment and inks can be expensive if you decide to create patches at home. However, patch manufacturers have the resources, as well as the skill, to develop bulk quantities of patches for businesses, teams, and other organizations at reasonable quotes.

Plus, online patch makers can afford better equipment and material with access to a better budget and trusted suppliers. You can get a higher-quality patch at low costs if you go to buy custom sublimated patches online.

Backings For Sublimated Patches

If you’ve chosen dye sublimation for your customized patches, the next step is choosing the backing. You can pick the following types of attachments:

Sew-On: These patches have no backing and are typically chosen for merchandising clothing and accessories, professionally stitched on the materials.

Iron-On: Sublimated patches can be ironed on different clothing as well as hats and fabric bags. However, the patches may come off after a few laundry cycles, especially in hot water.

Velcro: These patches are also known as hook-and-snap patches, preferred for uniforms such as police, firefighter, and military clothing.

Pinned: Pin-backing is a popular choice for sublimated patches that can be applied and removed with ease. These are also the easiest to use on jackets and bags.

Adhesive: Iron-on patches are also known as adhesive patches, but we’re talking single-use, lightly-adhesive backing. These patches are intended for one-time use at promotional events.

Ordering Sublimated Patches?

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