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How To Promote Your Brand By Chenille Patches

How To Promote Your Brand By Chenille Patches

The unique texture and vibrant look of chenille patches make these a creative option to print different kinds of logos, emblems, and artworks. Although there are certain limitations if you want to promote your brand by chenille patches, a little attention to colors and designs goes a long way to getting refined results.

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3 Ways To Promote Your Brand By Chenille Patches

There are so many uses for patches. These are used for design purposes on clothing and accessories. Chenille patches are also quite popular for jackets for school or college sports team varsity jackets (read Designing And Ordering Custom Letterman Patches), as well as professional sports teams. Chenille patches are also popular amongst bikers and motorcycle clubs, as a tad unique alternative to embroidered patches.

When it comes to branding patches, there are several ways you promote your brand by chenille patches. Here are the top 3 common uses:

1. Brand Patches On Employee Uniforms

Patches are an absolute must for employees who work in the service sector. After all, you don't want your customers to get frustrated as they walk in and cannot identify shoppers or clients from service staff due to the lack of a formal logo. Even if your employees wear standard color garments as uniforms, the presence of a proper logo is a must.

After all, customer satisfaction is the key to establishing and maintaining loyalty. Plus, research shows that customers are more likely to trust service employees dressed in formal, work-related clothing.

It is a cost-effective way to promote your brand by chenille patches. You don’t have to spend a hefty budget for customized shirts, vests, or jackets every time you bring someone new on board (single customized uniform orders can be expensive). Custom chenille patches are simpler (read How To Iron-On Chenille Patches).

Additionally, when your team wears their personalized uniforms outside the workplace, during break hours, or when they leave for home with outerwear over their work clothes, there is good publicity for your brand. Chenille patches also help strengthen employees’ sense of belonging.

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2. Brand Patches With Corporate Gifts

It’s pretty standard practice to add a business card or flyer/brochure along with corporate holiday gifts to loyal customers or stakeholders of the brands. However, wouldn’t adding a custom chenille patch create a more personal and creative touch? Conventional corporate gifts like mugs, stationery, and even accessories make nice presents. Promote your brand by chenille patches to make the package more special.

And when we say custom chenille patch, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the logo itself. If you don’t know how to turn your artwork into custom chenille patches, consult a patch artist. Your artwork can be relevant to the theme of the gift. For example, use a chenille patch that depicts artwork related to a holiday, such as Christmas or Women’s Day, along with the brand’s logo.

It is likely to be more appreciated and well-received…and used. This simple effort on your part is very effective, and you can easily promote you’re your brand by chenille patches this way.

3. Brand Patches As Event Giveaways

Custom chenille patches are a way of advertising your brand at public events such as exhibitions or expos or sponsored events. Cards, flyers, brochures, and similar forms of advertising are very temporary. Give the public something attractive and creative, like something wearable, and you've got more publicity in a day than you could in a month.

This particularly applies to startups and small businesses that do not have the means to invest in costly marketing tools. Go for not only an inexpensive but a memorable way to promote your brand by chenille patches.

Compared to other wearable or useable forms of advertising—such as T-shirts, mugs, pens, and similar items— customized chenille patches actively reach a large audience. You can place a chenille patch on your jacket or jeans, or stick it to your notebook or backpack. As a result, you get free-of-cost advertising (except the cost of making custom patches products, of course), and people will be able to constantly engage with your brand and remember it.

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What Kind Of Brands Can Use Chenille Patches?

Now that you know how to promote your brand by chenille patches, the question is: does this type of patch apply to your brand?

When deciding which customized patch works best to promote your brand, you must first consider the nature of your business. What kind of work do your employees do, if you intend to create patches for their uniforms? From decorating bags to styling jackets with chenille letter patches, there are many uses to consider here. Also, what kind of customers are you targeting with gifted custom patches?

By asking questions about the uses, you can figure out whether you need embroidered, PVC, sublimated, leather…or chenille patches. Here are a few examples of the kind of brands that can incorporate chenille patches into their everyday use and marketing tools.

- Clothing Labels

Chenille patches can be used by retail stores for their employees’ uniforms. These can also be used by brands that create clothing. Since direct embroidery can be quite expensive for a small clothing label, promote your brand by chenille patches, and embellish T-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, and jeans at a lower cost.

- Sports/Fitness Companies

We’re talking about letterman patches for different sports clubs—football, basketball, or baseball sports teams who want to add their logo to team players' uniforms and gear and team merchandise. We're also talking about martial arts clubs that want to create ranking patches. And we're talking about gyms and fitness centers that can give chenille patches to members for their gym clothes.

- Healthcare Industry

You can use chenille patches as more vibrant alternatives to embroidered patches for medical workers’ coats ad scrubs, or EMT uniforms. These patches can also be used by pharmaceutical companies and laboratories to for distinguishing medical personnel and gear.

- Music Bands & Clubs

Custom chenille patches are one of the popular ways to promote your band or club or a musical event such as a tour concert or festival. Well-designed, band and club chenille patches can be quite vibrant, which means they pair well with clothing and accessories. They also make great keepsakes.

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